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How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth

How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth

One of the most frequent problems young mothers is diastasis – discrepancy rectus abdominis muscle, as it is steam that comes out between her linea alba. This happens because of the strong intra-abdominal pressure and is formed gradually during the first 9 months. Only 1/3 of young mothers exposed diastase and 75% of women who give birth for the second time. Will you have it or not depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead during pregnancy, how many large fruit grown much kilogram scored. Approximately six months you must return to its original form, in most cases, life depends on your body, how much he is strong and strong. Women who lead an active lifestyle, do not experience a problem with it, as well, the older you are, the longer the recovery process.

Diastasis are common during pregnancy, most often it is at all, but in a different form. You need to determine how things are going with you. Get rid of it absolutely necessary, it occurs because of the softening of the rectus abdominis muscles, which means that your body will only support the extensors of the back and spine. It’s not enough, eventually you will have more and more tends to advance, may even go down the internal organs as well as the abdominal muscles are not holding them.

Determination Of Diastase

How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth

You must perform a normal twisting on the floor to detect diastasis. Lay down the floor, one hand behind his head rewound, and the neck is better to keep straight, the second hand finger put on the field from above the navel. The legs bend at the knees. Gradually Twist slightly raising body, that should be enough to tighten the muscles. Important! Do not pick up the body at the expense of the hip joints, and Twist, see if the technique perform twists. Now you test the fingers remain on the navel line above and below at a distance of 3 fingers. If you can put your fingers across the belly you have diastasis, a 2.5 finger is considered problematic form.

he most common is type 1 diastase, almost imperceptible. In the 2nd type of discrepancy in the umbilicus, that is at the bottom and a small protruding navel. Thus, the third type of diastase, when the muscles are dispersed throughout the abdominal area, which is quite attractive appearance in addition, the presence of umbilical hernias.

Before putting away the sagging belly after giving birth to begin to recover. It will take at least 4 weeks before the uterus is restored to its former dimensions. The belly will deflate even longer, until the cells begin to return the hormonal changes will be liquid. Body accumulates nutrients and fat for rёbenka now this there is no need. Now, your body should start to get rid of all unnecessary, the most common mistake of young mothers that they continue to eat for two out of old habit, increasing in size. The sooner you realize this, the less extra kg and see in the waist will type. Diet is the key to ensuring that the right to remove belly fat at home and the gym. All you need is to consume fewer calories than you expend.

How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth – Exercise

How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth 3

Before you start to perform dynamic exercises, first is to practice breathing techniques. It is necessary to speed up the process of getting rid of diastasis. If you start immediately to practice, you can only contribute to the discrepancy between the rectus abdominis muscle.

Fukutsudzi method is needed in order to make your muscles and organs back to the starting position.
Exercise “Cat” – 5 sets of 5 reps.
Vacuum belly lying on the floor – 5 sets of 5 reps.
Perform this workout every morning on an empty stomach until you feel a noticeable improvement. After 1-2 weeks of training begin to try the exercises described below.

Now, to remove post-partum belly right, without deterioration of the situation need to know what exercises are best performed.

If you have a light form of diastase, it is possible to perform more exercises. Over time, your abs get stronger and you will be under the power of more complex exercises at first content with those in the complex, in turn, perform an average of 12 to 20 times in 3-4 sets.

Try not to load at diastasis abdominal muscles all dynamic and static loads.

  • How To Remove A Sagging Belly

Now that we have dealt with the need to clean up the diastase sagging belly or just fat that was left after the birth. If you have recovered, and the doctor said that you are willing to physical stress, the best for cardio on a treadmill, exercise bike, orbitrek. For more information about compound exercises described in the article ” How to remove the stomach and hips at home ” or Pick workout. For beginners, it is inherent in themselves enough simulators programs. The main thing that they lasted 45-60 minutes.

  • How To Remove Belly Fat After Giving Birth At Home

Work at home and at the same time watch out for your child – the best option for moms. In order to remove belly fat at home is necessary to perform a circular set of exercises, choose the appropriate workout for yourself on our website. Be careful not to follow the first exercise for the press other than the above presented. It is better to resort to circuit training after completely moved away from giving birth and you have passed or strengthened diastasis abdominal muscles, it will take time and exercise presented above. Do not exercise if you are not confident in their press, because this muscle is involved in almost all exercises.

  • How To Remove Post-Partum Belly – Diet

The very foundation of your diet and bring an order – it is a diet. You need to take control of everything that you eat. A small problem is that if you are breast-feeding, you will need more power. In general, your diet should be balanced and complete, which means you should choose more nutritious foods. Roughly speaking your diet must consist of cereals, meat, fish, eggs and salads. The basic principle of weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you expend. With the help of a calculator, calculate the approximate number of calories, and line up your diet with the expectation of 3-4 meals and 1-2 snacks. It would be best if you eat strictly on calories. If you do not stick to a diet, then clearly write all to know how much you get. About slimming foundations read here .

Conclusion : In order to remove belly fat after giving birth is necessary to recover, train abdominal muscles, keep track of your meals, exercise indoors or at home, and all you get.

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